While I’m sure to many people, thinking the very reality we live in doesn’t really exist or at least in the way we perceive it may be hard to swallow. But really what differentiates reality from a dream? For anyone that has watched the Matrix movie this concept is not a new or unchallenged one. Now it appears science and more specifically Quantum Science may be proving this to be the case. I have always found it fascinating as much as we think we know about our world even the simplest thing like gravity is a mystery. It affects everything every day and yet we aren’t really sure how it works. I have placed a link below of an article at natrure.com about this new theory and discovery that may actually help define gravity and prove our universe is merely an illusion.

Link to the article here

Update – The New York times also has now run a story that the universe is a simulation. The link to this latest article is below. It seems more and more to become accepted as an accurate view of our reality.

Link to the article here


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