This is an open letter to the universe.  You see for most of my life I knew there was a woman out there I was supposed to meet.  It was like an underlying driving force and current to my very purpose here.  Much of the time it remained that and I didn’t really understand and fully explore what precisely that meant.

Now much has changed in my life.  Learning and growing over time has allowed me an open mind and heart to what I have been feeling all this time.  There is no doubt you exist.  I feel it sure as I feel the wind that I cannot see.  It’s possible we have already met and I am not even aware that it’s really you quite yet.  Also just as possible the universe is lining up events, as it has all along, so that one day we meet in the most innocuous of ways. 

The more time that passes the stronger this current grows.  I have a clarity of who you are more each day.  Visions are becoming clear of what you look like, your amazing smile that lights my soul, those eyes I need a map to find a way back out of, that laugh that makes me want to be a comedian so it never stops, and your touch that is like the universe focused in one spot.  I know you.  I have before this existence and will long after.

I no doubt wasn’t ready for you.  When I look back at who I was and who I am now I’m glad we didn’t meet sooner.  Honestly in no way did I deserve you then.  I want to be a man you can be proud of and that you deserve which is something I have worked very hard on.

You see we have always been in love.  We have danced in and out of existence like kids playing hide and seek.  Each time hoping to call out, tag you’re it, and spend the rest of our living days enjoying the victory.

Many times I have gazed at the moon and stars and known you were looking at that moment too.  I could close my eyes and feel you right there beside me. For those brief amazing moments I had you back and first met you all at the same time.  When the sun warms me I feel you near as it’s you that brings me warmth.  When I smell the flowers on the breeze in the spring time I know it’s you and your aren’t far from me.

Maybe it’s crazy to be madly in love with someone and you don’t know who they are, but in my mind I do.  When I see those eyes, smile, hear that laugh, and feel your touch it will all come rushing to us both, HOME.  There will be no there place we will want or need to be other than right there and right then.

I hope that day comes in this life.  I hope I get to see you now and call out, you’re it.  If not know I will always keep looking.  You can’t hide forever.  I already know you too well.  Until then my love and current stranger I wish you the happiest of days.  Look at the moon and feel the sun as I will be right there with you.



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  1. Kelly Clayton 3 years ago

    So insanely glad I’m not the only one in the world who feels this way. Thank you for sharing. Somehow you’ve made me feel a little less crazy now.


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