I have spent a great deal of time in reflection. Not just thinking about one event or part of my life but the whole thing. I have gone event by event and moment by moment reliving it. I have found two things to be true. One is we can, in a way, time travel back in time. The other is we can relive the same events but experience them completely differently.

I started by just trying to remember as much as I could. Good and bad were irrelevant just kind of remembered how I got here and what events have made and shaped me.

Then I tried to remember them with a different view. Events I may have seen myself as a victim or that were unfair I saw from where I am today. I forgave what happened to me and who did them. I realized that they, just like me, we’re doing the best they could at the time. That I wasn’t at all the unknowing target of bad luck but more likely I needed a storm to blow me on a new course.

Finally, and to me this was the most fun and interesting part, I played them all in reverse. I back tracked how I ended up here and there. Why I made this choice or decided not to do something. I followed the events and decisions back as far as I could and as much as I remembered.

What I found is everything single thing that happened did indeed have a purpose. That some of the simplest and seemingly most benign decisions shaped my entire life and who I am. This lead me to realize that indeed all of our realities are fluid. That everything indeed does happen for a reason. Everyone we meet, every seemingly good and bad thing, does serve to make us and shape us into exactly who we want and need to be.

This means that we always are the creators of our story. That even as the ink dries on the pages of our lives we still can make an amazing and powerful story come to life. We are able, even after events are long since past, to still shape who we are and what we do and become. Every person that comes into your life, every seemingly tragic event, horrible loss, lost love, and even amazingly good days have a profound and ever changing meaning.

Remember we are all doing the best we can. Everyone that comes into your life is on the same journey as you. They may be at a different place on the path but they are no different. Try to always see beyond the obvious meanings of things and appreciate the far reaching and meaningful impact every moment has.

Life and the world is an act of love and a gift to us all. Love it back.



  1. Mindy 10 years ago

    Beautifully stated…thank you for sharing…

  2. Jenny Campbell 10 years ago

    I really love the way you feel and see things. I love the way you think. It feels failure.

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