I have noticed, to my surprise initially, that as I work on me, and the understanding of both my spirit and ego, my relationships with others have become different. I very much find every single one I look back upon has served a purpose if not for me then at least for the other person. Almost always though there is a purpose for both. It seems harder now to maintain “normal” relationships or approach people the same way. Only when my ego is in command at the time do I have a fear or want that leads me to pain, suffering or the lack of peace. When my spirit is in charge I have peace and I know that no matter what the outcome of a situation I will choose peace and all will be well in the end. You see we don’t actually make wrong choices. We make ones that take us on a longer and sometimes more painful path but in the end all choices, and paths, lead to the same place. If you experience more difficulties in talking and relating to others at times know it’s ok and more importantly you aren’t alone.

Here is a really great write-up that kind of coincides with all of this and explains it very well. Enjoy the read and be well.



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