I have been doing a lot of thinking about the coming New Year’s celebrations. You hear a lot of people talk about New Year’ resolutions and doing something they want or feel is important because the calendar advances a year. I think you should make one final New Year’s promise to yourself. That promise is you will make each new day just as important. That you will wake up each day like you didn’t expect to. That you are thankful for another chance to live and be happy. To make things better for yourself or someone else. Maybe follow your dreams and get a job you love or have an experience you always wanted to try. The fact is we shouldn’t wait for a new year to do these things. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow much less another year. Live each day for the gift it is and find a way to achieve what you once only dreamed about. Life was never meant to be a rat race of a repeating cycle of work and routines. We should be doing what we love and find happiness in even the smallest things. It may not happen overnight but anything you want or believe in enough will indeed happen. So I wish you not only a Happy New Year but a great today and amazing tomorrow. Make sure you aren’t just alive but you’re living too.




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