While reading this article about the Higgs Boson particle and recent data that shows the universe shouldn’t, and oddly enough, may not exist I had an interesting thought. I have talked and shared an article before along these lines but what if the universe does and continues to exist because we think it does. Let me clarify. Imagine we are part of a higher power, force, or entity. We will call this god. 😉 Next you are going to create a realm to experience and play out many lessons and roles to find your way back to your ultimate higher self. Now in and instant and with a simple thought this realm is created and you exist in it. As we have learned in other science and spiritual writings we affect and control our lives by our thoughts and feelings. This then can be tied back to this article and you can start to explain how we just popped into existence and yet it hasn’t collapsed. If, as we learned, time also doesn’t exist outside this perspective then all of this we experience happens in the blink of an eye and all at once but for us seems to have been millions of years.  If nothing else it is interesting to contemplate and works with all we know.




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