There is something about the idea of the twin flame or the soul mate that stirs us deep within and whispers to our hearts and souls.  No matter how caught up in the daily realities of this life we become, a part of us, at our core, yearns for that profound connection and love with another being and dreams of union, bliss, and soul level embrace.

The idea of soul mates and twin flames have been around for a very long time, so do they hold any weight, do they mean anything, are they relevant? It seems that these prevalent titles must mean something or touch on some truth, or they wouldn’t still survive.  Let’s take a look at these concepts first:

Twin Flame: A twin flame is apparently the mirror or exact counterpart to one’s individual soul.  The idea is that when a person’s individual soul branched off from source into its own autonomous soul/identity experienced, it was divided into two polarity aspects which together form a whole soul expression that is complete and balanced unto itself.

Each soul experiencing incarnation may pass through many lives and soul experiences in different vessels before reuniting with the twin, as they may require or choose to experience many perspectives and experiences before finding reunion and completion with their other half again.

It is also thought that with twin flames, when they find one another on the earth plane, the relationship is very intense and magnifies any aspects of the self which are out of alignment and need healing.  For this reason, twin flame relationships often only last for a short time before the partners go separate ways.  Often the healing required to remain united it too intense for one or both of the partners and they choose to separate again until a later lifetime or perhaps later within this lifetime.

When twins come together and allow the healing to occur and come into balance and full evolved union with one another, it is said that they are extremely powerful partnerships that consciously bring about change, evolution, and light here on earth.  These types of unions are passionate, powerful, deep, non-possessive, inspiring, and stable yet dynamic.  Twin flames who are in alignment with the self and the beloved do not feel an insecure sense of ownership over the other, but rather feel secure enough to allow freedom, knowing the power of their love.

Soul Mate: The concept of the soul mate carries a less extreme energy and context than a twin flame.  A soul mate is not necessarily a romantic partner, though they may be.  Soul mates could show up as family member or friends or even non-human companions like pets.

With soul mates, there is a feeling that you have known this person for a very long time.  Perhaps from another life that has carried over, or you may feel that you have known them forever.  There is a sense of love, familiarity, and like this person is ‘home’.  Being with a soul mate can bring a feeling of remembrance.

Are You Ready for Your Twin Flame?

Many people who believe they have found their twin flame will report that the connection is intense and immediately apparent.  These unions can be extremely intense, profoundly joyous and exuberant, and the sexual chemistry can be absolutely off the charts as the two souls nest within one another once again.  There is an extremely profound feeling of rightness of being ‘home’.  Though it can be this way with a soul mate, there is a different quality that feels unbelievably exhilarating and thrilling.

Oftentimes the union will begin with excitement, bliss, love, and extremely accelerated expansion, discovery, healing, and evolution of consciousness for both partners, yet it can be followed by chaos, struggle, and conflict.

As stated previously, a twin flame or a twin soul mirrors your soul exactly as they are in some sense the other half of your soul expression, therefore they will mirror the aspects of you that are in alignment as well as those that are not and they will intensify both.  It is this aspect of twin flame relationships that that can decide the outcome and whether or not the union can last at the human level.

If one or both partners are not ready to integrate and heal the parts of the self that are out of alignment, the energy between the twins can be explosive and very painful and the union can very quickly progress from blissfully in love to painfully fractured and unstable.  This often happens and a person may find them-self unable to remain with their twin, which can be confusing and heartbreaking.  What comes next?

Re-Defining the Twin Flame

Sometimes the way we define these terms can be empowering while other times it can hinder our unbridled experience of love itself. For instance, if you feel that you met your twin flame but the relationship didn’t work out, maybe you spend your life pining away because no one can ever match up to your twin flame.  We could come to peace about this topic by seeing that ultimately the twin flame is perhaps an actual human being who embodies another half to you, sure.  Yet it is also by that one person that you enter the realization that everyone is an embodiment of the other half of some aspect of you.  It is good to allow it to be open ended.

There is life and there I love after the twin flame and even beyond the twin flame.  The twin flame concept feels very epic and cosmic and for this reason it is exciting and captivating, yet it can be difficult to swallow if we are not experiencing it in the way we feel that we should or in the situation that we believe we have found this person, yet cannot have a relationship with them.  Twin flame is an understanding of love and there is a twin state of being that exists within the self as well, independent of any other person.  Whether or not a specific person can be definitively identified as our twin flame is ultimately irrelevant.  We can view any or every lover or partner we take as a valuable mirror to our soul and a polar form of some aspect of our self and in that way, we will continue to love and to evolve with whomever we choose to connect.

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Are You Ready to Unite With Your Twin Flame?



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