It seems we have quite literally redefined what success means. It is said that in Webster’s first dictionary back in 1806 the word success was defined as being “generous, prosperous, and kind.” If you look it up today it states “getting or achieving wealth, respect, and fame.”

When I found this out I was amazed at how in even the simplest yet most profound ways we have changed our purpose and what’s important in our lives. The media and society would have us believe this updated meaning of success to be accurate and what’s important. Yet if you look at the growing issues of depression, violence, and unhappiness in the world doesn’t it really come down to how we define a successful life now? Isn’t this new definition causing the pressures and unhappiness that plaque the world today?

I therefore challenge you all to fix the dictionary of today. Let’s all have a hand in putting the old definition of success back. Let’s be generous, prosperous, and kind once again. That’s what I want success to mean.




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