The words that come from the Dalai Lama are so shocking and completely revealing about society…


“We should feel fed up with the violence and killing going on around us. If a human being is killed by an animal, it’s sad, but if a human being is killed by another human being it’s unthinkable. We have to make a special effort to think of each other as fellow human beings, as our brothers and sisters.” – Dalai Lama 

Dalai Lama is an exemplary person who is known for his rational and moral decisions that have helped influenced many. He has always received vast attention from everywhere but it is due to his ability to uphold an excellent reputation. In an interview, he shared that he believes it is irrational for humanity to run immediately to God in order to find a solution to their problems. The reason for this he said is that a lot of the chaos that occurs in our society today is brought upon by man, so why rely on God to fix something that we brought upon ourselves? Essentially we should be able to rely on ourselves in times of desperation. His comments resonated with many people because the chaos in the world today is so evident and common that many have started to think the same way he has been.

Despite the topic being taboo on a surface level, his website does no justice to hiding that information. In fact, the incidents of war and terrorism are realities that are often exposed. There is massive brainwashing when it comes to human beings and war. People often obtain this miraculous ideology of war without realizing that they themselves are being blinded.

In other words, war and large military establishments are responsible for the many atrocities and violence created in the world. What is being taught is – it is perfectly fine to slaughter a human being who most likely also has a living family. Because these forces are looked upon with great recognition, it creates opportunities for individuals to become courageous and competent when destroying lives. Only one in their right mind would agree that war is monstrous and that it brings forth nothing but tragedy and suffering.

 Many of these individuals are conditioned to believe that solely killing human beings is the way to go without really establishing any sense of peace unless its physical destruction. Yes, women and men deliberately share service by defending their country but they don’t realize that global war on terrorism is nothing more than fabrication. In fact, Dr. Michel Choissudovsky, a Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa’s Emeritus, shares that global war on terrorism is completely fake and based on fake premises.

“We are so conditioned to see it as thrilling that we talk about this or that marvelous weapon as a remarkable piece of technology without remembering that, if it is actually used, it will burn living people. War also strongly resembles a fire in the way it spreads. If one area gets weak, the commanding officer sends in reinforcements. This is throwing live people onto a fire. But because we have been brainwashed to think this way, we do not consider the suffering of individual soldiers. No soldiers want to be wounded or die. None of his loved ones wants any harm to come to him. If one soldier is killed, or maimed for life, at least another five or ten people – his relatives and friends – suffer as well. We should all be horrified by the extent of this tragedy, but we are too confused.”

As mentioned before, the act of participating in war by all means creates more unwanted predicaments and therefore it is essential that we don’t participate and prologue it simply because if we refuse to participate in it then there wouldn’t be a reason to engage war. Essentially we are the reason why war exists. To play it safe, nobody should continue to condone any behavior that will destroy lives because what is considered as the oppressing hand, will no longer have an audience and a reason to oppress.

Not only is the war a detrimental component to humanity, but it also takes away from the necessary resources such as appropriate shelter for a human being. War is expensive and instead of engaging in it and continuously losing profit, it should be utilized in ways that alleviate poverty and hunger on our planet. In order to end strong ideologies that are pro-war, we must all rise and stand against those opposing hands who believe that war is a never ending cycle. Putting an end to innocent lives is no moral way to go about situations so therefore, it is vital to raise awareness in order to end an ideology that is disturbingly responsible for the lives of many innocent beings.



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