Have you ever heard of the term karmic connection?

Whether we think about friendships or love relationships, there are only a few people we connect with on a deeper level. While we can have many things and thoughts in common with our closest friends, there are only a few or only one person in our life who makes us feel like we talk with our twin flame.

Spiritualists call that type of connection a karmic connection. Karmic connections or relationships are formed with people who have played an important role in our past life and we reconnect with them on Earth. The easiest way to recognize your soul mate or your karmic connection is through the vibrational energy she/he transmits to you.

Sense of peace

Friends, family, or coworkers can make you feel at ease and relaxed, but a soul mate will give you the sense of peace. The soulful connection that is instantly created through your gazes, words, sounds or similar thinking will make you feel like you have just met an old friend who knows you better than anyone.

Similarities and differences

You will be amazed about how many things you both see/understand the same and how many similarities you share. Moreover, your differences will complete the gaps of the other one, therefore even your differences will complete you rather than distance you.


A conversation with your soulmate will naturally flow without you being worried about how you act, when and how you express your feelings. You can both complete each other’s sentences and it will be easy to understand what the other person feels without many explanations. It does not mean that karmic relationships do not face challenges or issues. However, because of the profound understanding and the strong bond between the individuals, they patiently search for solutions that help them overcome the obstacles in harmony.

A karmic soul can be anyone in your life starting from family and friends to strangers and neighbors. In most of the cases, karmic souls appear in our life when we least expect and they tend to be an unknown person who we may randomly meet anywhere.

The role of a karmic connection is to help us through our self-development. They teach us lessons, they motivate or shape us. Some of the karmic relationships appear in adolescence, others in adulthood. Some of the karmic relationships can last for the rest of our lives, while others can be for a short period of time when we need to change ourselves.




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