I’m not telling you to rent a big dumpster and throw everything away, leaving you with a single outfit and a bed to sleep on.

No, I’m merely suggesting that getting rid of the excess, unnecessary clutter around you will do beautiful things for your life.

And I’m here to share with you a few ways that “less” has really become more for me.

I Have Become a Conscious Consumer

No more impulse purchases or buying stuff I don’t need because it’s really cheap.

I keep a list of things I want in a document on my laptop. Whenever I think, “I want that!” I automatically put it on the list, and it has to sit there for a few days, almost like it’s in time out. I make it sit on the list and then spend time looking online to find the exact one that I love. Then it sits there some more.

I go on to buy items I decide I actually want (and need). But a lot of items just sit there and eventually get deleted from the list because I realize I don’t want them.

The suspense of this process really adds a certain touch of excitement you don’t get from impulse purchases.

One final way I incorporate this ideal is I make a meal plan and shopping list each week. This results in easier trips to the store, more money saved and less food wasted.

Plus, by having a meal plan I almost always am eating healthier foods, and I am much more excited about cooking and trying out new recipes.

It Has Opened Up Space for Thought, Creativity and Motivation

I am easily distracted, a procrastinator at times. Back in school the only time I would clean my room was when I had a big essay due, or exams to study for. This holds true today. I like things tidy.

And by removing the clutter, it’s much easier to keep my place clean, and I’ve realized that I work so much better without the distraction of excess stuff lying about.

Removing the hassle of “Oh I have to clean this, or go through that.” I have more time to think about and work on projects.

I have found, and don’t quite know how to explain it yet, that being surrounded by less stuff has made me a more creative person. Instead of automatically going with what is cheapest or easiest, I force myself to take the time to think things through. I find multiple purposes for an item or have to think through how something would work in my world before buying it.

By not worrying about living in a cluttered mess, my mind is free to roam and explore things I am inspired by, and I have more time to notice things that would have been glazed over before.

Being in My Home Brings Me Happiness and Peace

If you’ve already guessed it, clutter and excess stress me out. But there’s this wonderful magic in having everything in its place, and in everything having a place.

No longer do I have to come home and fret about it being a mess and having stuff everywhere. I can just be in my home without frustration or worry.

This opens up time and space to just breathe, relax and think.

Decisions are Easy and Painless

I’m sure you know a person who has a closet full of clothes and is forever complaining of nothing to wear. That’s because about 80% of it is stuff they don’t even like, which makes the decision harder.

By editing your wardrobe down to only the select few pieces you love, getting dressed becomes effortless and dare I say, fun!

When everything has a place, cleaning is easier, you know where things are and where things go.

These are just four perks I have chosen to share, but I’m reminded daily of all of the benefits of having less stuff. But don’t think you have to give it all up at once.

There are elements of minimalism that could make a beautiful, little cozy addition to your world. Just be open and willing to let a little positive change float your way.




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