Old Soul

If you’ve ever felt slightly disconnected from the world and its ways, or felt some inexplicable urge to disconnect, this article is for you.

Instead of being someone that seeks to follow along and just “go with the flow” you’ve struggled to define yourself and find your own path.

It doesn’t come from a naive place; it comes from a place of genuine self-exploration.

Here are six signs you’re an old soul.

1. Sometimes you just don’t feel like you belong.

If you’ve ever heard yourself being described as “otherworldly”, then this is definitely you.

Most of the time, you prefer to be in your own world rather than getting involved with the happenings of this one.

2. You’re reserved.

Everyone is going out having a great time, but you’d rather be somewhere else, reading or thinking about deeper things.

Metaphysics, science, art, culture- these are the things that interest you, not so much the bars and the clubs.

3. You’re curious- about everything.

At your earliest memory, you recall being driven to learn and grow.

To increase your wisdom and push your edge.

You often ask interesting and seemingly random questions, because you want to learn what everything is about.

4. You don’t mind spending time alone.

Despite being well-liked, you often spend considerable time alone.

This isn’t because you “look down” upon anybody; rather it’s because you’re comfortable with yourself.

Moreover, you’re looking to improve yourself- and the only way that will happen is if you’re focusing on your own needs.

5. You’re independent and reliable.

Many people come to you for support, seeking your input on a wide variety of issues and subjects.

You love this; it makes you feel of service.

Friends and family alike are often surprised by your insight, and this can lead them to lean on you a little too much.

When this happens, you retreat back to your freedom, once again embracing that part of yourself that longs for self-connection.

6. You consider yourself a seeker.

You’re constantly seeking.

Whether it’s learning something new, getting to the heart of a matter, or pursuing truth in philosophy, your number one priority is learning the legitimate reason behind things.

This is especially true for spiritual seeking.




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