“The physicists say that the forces of nature come from one fundamental unified field. They do not talk about mind, but if matter and energy come from the same unified field, then so does mind. This is the new paradigm. At the most fundamental level, matter, energy and information are identical.” —Deepak Chopra, The New physics of Healing

This is truly the point. On the lowest level beyond what our minds and “laws” of the universe are able to understand all things are connected. It’s simple, it only takes a single thought to bring about all we know. It is why the power of our thoughts and the law of attraction in the universe are so important. This is our reality. Everyday we wake up and “decide” what we want to happen and occur. Sometimes consciously and many times unconsciously. This doesn’t mean that we will win the lottery everyday or that bad things won’t happen. What we don’t realize is that in this reality, even the worst of events could be leading the way for our greatest moments. On the flip side, the best things or expectations can lead us to our lowest moments. Make each day, and really every minute, count as best you can.



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