None of us are 100% who we are 100% of the time. From faking a smile when we’ve had a really horrible day, to pretending to share with someone when we have ulterior motives, our masks are always hiding one thing: The truth.

Ego prevents us from living our truth. It will convince us that our mask protects us. But this false persona we put on to avoid getting hurt or feeling pain is the same one that block us from experiencing fulfillment.

Just as it is impossible to get a sun tan with a mask over your face, we cannot connect to the Light when we’re pretending to be who we are not.

When we bare our soul and stop hiding our garbage – our failed marriage, troubled relationships, financial fears or low self-esteem – we can create real connections with people. Not to mention, this also gives others a safe space to be who they are, because in all likeliness their fears and troubles are similar to our own.

It’s not an easy thing to do, but when we summon the strength to expose our weaknesses, we step outside ourselves and connect to the Light.

By removing our masks and living our truth, we allow the Light to shine upon us, and our own Light to shine upon others.

– Yehuda Berg


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