I have spent much of this holiday season alone and doing large amounts of thinking. While this has been at times hard it’s also been eye opening. I have quietly watched from the mainstream sidelines as this holiday season unfolds. What I’ve noticed is what seems like expectations on a massive scale. I have heard numerous people say what needs done yet, how stressful it all is, how they dread this or worry about that, and just basically stretched too thin.

What I realized the most is how much it’s all changed over the years. Each year it seems the “spirit” of Christmas is more of a burden of expectations than the slow down and be with family time it used to be. Or more to the point, no longer the spiritual and religious time it use to be as well.

I would love to see Christmas be about surprising kids (not adults) with gifts. With everyone taking the time to slow down and see old friends and live. To reflect on the past year and decide what they loved about it and what the didn’t do they will be sure to the following year. Not a resolution mind you but a promise to ones self to live the way you truly want to.

Even more so to appreciate the purpose of our existence. To live, love, and grow. To experience good, bad, and to find purpose and meaning in everything without those labels.

I’d like to end with this. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. I hope you have many special moments that bring joy to you heart and tears to your eyes. Live the way you feel in your heart. Slow down. Let you shine upon your life and those in it. Share the experience of your life with everyone.

With much love,


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