Now before you think I’m a bit crazy for making such a statement let me explain.

When most of us look at a sunset I bet it starts out for a split second being admiring how beautiful it is but it doesn’t last. We either wish we could be somewhere else to watch it, have someone with us or maybe not with us, wish we had time to stop and just watch it. How many of us give importance to it. To stop what we are doing and actually sit and watch it set. More importantly be mindful in the moment. Not worried about where we need to be and what needs done. Not concerned about how the day or life should be different or better.

If you really want to see a sunset stop and watch it. Make a point to drive where you can watch it fully set. Stop what your doing, sit, and be comfortable. Don’t worry about where you need to be or when. Empty your mind and be a part of what you are actually seeing. An amazing miracle we ignore everyday. A super hot ball of fire as a result of nuclear fusion that we circle around at high speed through space. It provides us with warmth, food, and makes the cycles of our planet function. You are one of billions of creatures on this world all sharing the experience. All that can appreciate and understand it together.

So next time you see the sun starting to set make time to stop and watch. Be in a hurry to go nowhere. Be aware of the amazing miracle and majesty that it is. Connect with yourself and be present in that moment without concern if the next ever comes. Visualize space and time on a scale much larger than just yourself or your life. See yourself on Earth in a magical universe. Then, and only then, have you seen a sunset.

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  1. Mindy 10 years ago

    I have ‘seen’ a few sunsets during my 36 years of life…not nearly as many as I had thought, however…appreciating your beautifully stated reminder!

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