Much has been said and discussed about meditation and the benefits of mindfulness. One of the biggest goals I feel that comes from it is and introduction to your best friend you never knew. You will never see this friend in the physical sense. They are the spiritual side of yourself. The side that already knows all that was and will be. They are in tune with the universe in a way your physical self could never truly be. You can however, with their help, get glimpses and begin to understand the world around you. You have already, most likely, heard whispers from this friend. Whenever you get a feeling or your gut instinct tells you to choose one way or another. When you find the strength or courage to rise above a difficult time. They were always there helping and guiding you. They always will be. Through meditation though you can actually begin to converse and understand them more. You can eventually while going through your day more easily make choices in your life. You will feel more compelled to help others as that is one of our true callings. A peace will come over you. You won’t worry about things so much as you know and understand everything happens for a reason. Whether you label it as good or bad it has a purpose. Once you recognize and share your days with this friend life opens up. Everything becomes possible. You truly start to live. I hope you one day find your friend. I’m excited for you to get to know them, and therefore you, better.




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