It will happen from time to time in our lives that we will become lost. I don’t just mean in the physical sense but even more so emotionally. No matter how great things are or even how well on your path you seem, the days of being unsure and lost will come. It doesn’t mean you took a wrong turn. Honestly I don’t think it’s possible to truly do anything “wrong”. Our choices will always lead us to where we are supposed to be. We can choose our paths and some choices will obviously be better than others but in the end we all get where we are going. It’s important when you find yourself on the side of the emotional road with a flat to find peace with it. Take a breath, change your tire, and get back on the road. Take time to feel what you need to feel. Don’t beat yourself up. Allow the time and ability to heal and find strength. Then get back out there and be the amazing person you have always been.



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  1. Laurie 9 years ago

    Stephen Hawking …”the healthy body is flowing … Interactive electrodynamic energy field.. Motion is more natural to life than on non motion -things that keep flowing are inherently good. What interferes with the flow will have detrimental effects.”

    Reflecting ….we hit trouble spots in this illusion of life .. We create a ” problem”… It’s oly a problem when we are at a disconnect and low energy frequency …as Hawking has enlightens us ..That low energy is slow toxic perhaps .. We get self absorbed … When we start to mediate and go back to our higher frequency we feel better the worries and problems start to disappear … Well being becomes stable .. Take it a step further .. A yet higher frequency that symbolizes perfect emotional health .. No one can interfere 🙂 it’s at this level we reach emotional bliss.

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