There is no question that shopping, TV, and social status does not lead to a meaningful and lasting happiness. The true path to happiness and heaven is to look inward and find it there. With that said here are 10 things that can help you get there.

Here are 10 insights to motivate you toward living in a way that reveals your purpose in life….

1. Don’t buy everything you think you need

Yea… stop that.

Focus on spending is a distraction.  Bling and toys keep your emotions occupied and separate from any intuitive impressions.

When we learn how to detach ourselves from material possessions, we will focus on our true needs.

2. Learn!

Social media is another emotional distraction.  It’s like a bar filled with friends to our emotional egos.  Let’s limit our time to real connections and stay away from scrolling for hours.

You can experiment with different paths of ancient or non traditional research until you find your true calling…

Remember, … we’re looking to expand our consciousness!  Take time to check out some FREE open sources of knowledge….

Or use Youtube to research the ancient mysteries like Hermetic Alchemy Of Growth, the Tarot and Kaballah, ancient tribes like the Dogon tribe, or ancient Egypt beyond the pharos and pyramids.

Or … maybe try to figure out what happened to the Library of Alexandria, or what happened to the old India culture of tantra?

How about researching current studies being done in the field of quantum physics, CERN, … or journey along with Nassim Haramine and the Hubble telescope into the outer reaches of time and space.

There is so much more to the world than bling, banks, bars, and bedrooms.  Your life purpose is beyond these boundaries….

3. Go back to your childhood dreams

The truth of ourselves is in our dreams.  And we never really stray far from those dreams and desires.  They have a way of rooting themselves in our thoughts … and come out when we have quiet moments of reflection.

What did you want to become when you were a kid?   Yea … go for that!

We only have our memories with us when we leave this world. Don’t live a life less contrary to who you are.

4. Meditate

There are many ways to move toward our inner world where pure thoughts of our unique purpose exist.

Meditation is one way.  Increasing our intuition is another.  Finding our discernment is yet another.

These are all ways to find our unique perspective and way of living that allows a beautiful melding between our natural inner world of knowing and the flow of experience.

When these two parts of our awareness are active, we see the world from our inner awareness.  The more we choose action from within this awareness, the more our true purpose of life will be revealed.

5. Change your focus…

Thoughts create focus… and focus creates choice as millions of mental impulses are received every second by our senses.  So, …  when we change our thoughts we change our lives.

6. Build relationships

It’s all about relationships.  We build our relationship with our inner world and let that part of ourselves out to create experiences other people we feel comfortable with.  This is the beauty of relationship.

Our relationships are always a great mirror to show us where we are and how much in alignment we are with our life purpose.

7. Seek solutions

The problem isn’t the problem.  What you think about the problem…that is the problem.

There is no problem, there is only change that will get you to a world of more inner authenticity… and closer to knowing your purpose.

The part of us that we loose along the path of life is easy to find when we motivate ourselves to seek solutions.  Solutions and answers are synonyms.  That’s because within the solution is the answer.

Get moving and seek the balance of life – and you’ll be ready to see your purpose when it crosses your path.

8. Be adventurous

Instead of spending your days in the usual routine, do something different.  Book a ticket and visit the destination you always wanted to see.

Not ready for a huge adventure? Then make small lifestyle changes, like meeting new people, reading a new type of literature, or watching weird movies.

It’s important to move away from your usual habits to discover new interests. Then, you’ll be closer to the ultimate realization.

9. Be grateful

The last thing any of us needs is a feeling that we need to all do life the same way.  There are over 7 billion people on the planet… and each one of us is having our own unique experience of what it means to be human.

If we become grateful for the opportunity to experience the intricate design of humanity… we can let go of any self-loathing that keeps us in the habit of self-loathing.

You have not done anything wrong.  You’re exactly where you need to be to learn the greater wisdom and finding balance from your unique perspective.  This will reveal your life purpose.

10. Be authentic

Do you act like another person when you’re at work, at home, and at parties?

Do you behave differently when you’re alone, with friends, and with people you want to impress?

All those masks hide your true self. That’s exactly why you can’t figure out what you want in life.

Show up without knowing what you’re going to get out of the relationships.  Just be yourself and see what the mirror of relationship truth shows you about yourself.

The more authentic you are… the more real and purposeful your life will be.

You Can Always Be the Person You Want to Be

We are seekers of truth.  We want to experience the fullness of our life.  Well… these truths will not be found if we keep ourselves hidden from our own experiences.  Reach out as far as you can to grab onto the moments of change that come.  You are capable of getting what you desire!

Share your comments below.  I’d love to hear your stories and thoughts about life… and the richest part of living life with purpose.

Together we can create great changes!


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