Here are five harsh truths that will empower you: There comes a time in everyone’s life when acknowledging and accepting the harsh truths of your life can only help to benefit you.  Some people learn these truths early on while others will happen upon them in their own time.  Regardless of when you learn them, understanding them and embracing them will ultimately give you more power and control in life.

No one is ever actually too busy to respond to you – You know that person you always text and feel like you only hear back from them at certain times or when it’s convenient for them?  They’d like you to think that they’re doing important things that don’t allow them time to reply, but they really do.  If you find yourself constantly waiting for a response on the other side of things, then you know you’re not a priority to them.  The sooner you realize this the sooner you can move onto spending the time and effort on people who matter.

Everyone is always looking out for #1 – Regardless of how much a person comes off as sincere, genuine or generous, more often than not they’re still always looking out for themselves first, everyone else second.  Can you blame them, though?  Everyone should always be aware of their needs.

Most people don’t even know that they’re in this frame of mind.  Which leads them to test their limits with you and everything else in life.  Everyone pushes as far as they can within comfort, so unless you step up and define your boundaries, they’ll take all they can get from you.

You can’t make everybody happy all of the time – Think about all of the different things people want from you, be it your parents, siblings, friends, lovers.  They all expect you to act in a certain way and when you don’t, they get upset.  Don’t ever strive to make everyone in your life happy, because more often than not you will fail in your attempt to do so.  It is an impossible task.

What you can do is focus on doing what you love.  Because at the end of the day the only person you have to answer to is yourself.

The world doesn’t owe you anything – Possibly one of the most powerful truths of all.  You could be the most powerful, beautiful, intelligent and caring person on the planet, but if you do nothing with what you’ve got, you will get nothing in return.  Never expect people to do things for you or that things will come to you.

Just know that there are two options you have when it comes to this: spend your life jaded, feeling entitled to things you don’t have, or you can work hard for yourself and create the life you want.  I think you know which is better.

Actions speak louder than thoughts or words – The reality that we live in can be an unfortunate truth for some while being a miraculous gift for others; how we view the world around us says a lot about the actions we take.  Fantasizing about a better world is fine, but at the end of the day all you’re doing is thinking to yourself.  Take your good intentions and pair them with the reciprocative actions and start doing, rather than simply thinking.  Define yourself through the action you take, not the action you do not take.



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