The Biggest Problem with Life

It could be said that the biggest problem in life is death.

After all, what begins must end, and everything we do is a matter of comparison to that inescapable reality.

Death is the almighty champion, unconquerable and unbeatable.

Many cultures think or thought of death as a god or person, often taking people at times when we are least prepared.

But even with comforting ideas or mythologies, we have a very strong fear of death. It’s part of our instinctual nature.

The Hindu Concept of Death

Unlike many religions past or present, Hinduism stands out because it believes Self is the basis of all that is.

Self is the only permanent aspect of the universe, because everything we perceive is impermanent and therefore not real.

Even the mind, body, intellect, personality, and cosmos will all fade away.

But to the Hindu, that’s irrelevant, because the Self is eternal, and that which is not born will cannot die. It just simply moves on to another form, seeking enlightenment and the eventual merger with the eternal spirit.

Principles that Conquer the Fear of Death

The Hindu has 3 principles on death which they live by:

Acceptance- Death is a fact. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping it. This also means that no human being can possibly love you forever- you wont be around! So instead of loving selfishly and looking only for what we can get from someone else or circumstances, the Hindu philosophy is to give without expectation. Our time is so short, and love is so important, it doesn’t really matter if that person (or persons) even return it.

Preparation and Surrender- No one knows when we’ll’s impossible. In fact, it could happen at any moment (hopefully not before you finish this article ;)). To a Hindu, it’s important to always be prepared for that moment by practicing the presence of the divine at all times. Instead of being overwhelmed by things going on in life, the Hindu chooses to recognize it’s impermanent and move on because it can’t be controlled. They surrender.

Service- Everyone is always running around thinking about their worldly duties, and many times they forget about those around them. But the Hindu way is to serve those that are not helped and see everyone and everything as nothing other than Self.


In the west, we’re afraid of death; but the eastern philosophy is to become so filled up with life that death is irrelevant.

I think that sounds better, don’t you?



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