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You know those stories of everlasting love, like an adorable elderly couple who has been together for 50 years? Those didn’t all start with love at first site. Sometimes, one person might not think the other is their “type”, or they just don’t feel the chemistry yet.

My first boyfriend was never someone who I ever pictured being my ideal partner, but he was crucial for the development of my soul at the time. Why should we limit people to being a specific type of person or have a certain appearance?

When you truly don’t feel the chemistry with someone, then you know it’s time to let go. But when you feel a spark between you and someone who you never thought you’d be with, why not follow that feeling?


So many soulmates had to grow on each other before seeing each others true being.



Ask Yourself Why You Like Certain Traits

What is it that you like in a person? We all have aspects that we’re drawn to, like things that remind us of ourselves, our environment or perhaps our parents.

If you picture your ideal partner, do you care about the color of their eyes? The shape of their lips? If you met someone in real life similar to that image, but with different eyes; it doesn’t really matter does it? 

There are certain complimentary traits we seek in partners to balance us out – thats how we navigate socially. But what about pushing the boundaries of what we consider to be “normal“?

Things like age in a relationship can really throw a lot of people off, but why is that? Say its with someone who is 26, and their partner is 36.

That age gap could be what both people need for their growth at that point in their life. When we close off to ideas because of social norms, we cut off a lot of potential friends, partners and just people from our life. Look beyond the boundaries of what we’re told is right and wrong.

Find The Reflection

See yourself within them. What does this person have to offer you in terms of personal growth, spiritual development and overall experience in life?

Some would say a soul mate is your energetic match and your twin flame is your mirror; but why can’t we be all of it? Everyone helps the growth of our soul in some way, we all reflect aspects of each other.

When getting to know someone who is different than what you’re used to, be as open as possible. Try to let the experience flow through you objectively, without needing to judge it in the moment. How do you feel around this person?

If there’s a genuine emotional pull to this person, allow yourself to follow that feeling. Don’t get caught up in society’s concept of maintaining a status or appearing a certain way.

Push Your Limits – See Beyond Physicality

It’s all about feeling. My friend and her partner weren’t physically attracted to each other at all at first, but it was the feeling that brought them closer.

It really can be a practice of seeing beyond physicality, feeling the connection, understanding the relationship so deeply that a physical attraction can be genuinely created.

This is a true act of love – creating physical attraction from mental and emotional connection.

Who knows what kind of relationships could stem from this shift in awareness? Your soulmate, twin flame, true love or whatever you want to call it, might not be love at first sight! Practice openness, acceptance and unconditional love; and then just see the amazing people you meet who reflect that way of being.


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