As I sat here marveling that I finally managed to get something working I have failed at many times recently it lead my mind astray.  It lead me to take a moment and relive some of my greatest failures.  Almost like a great moments highlight reel in reverse.  It seems our failures are like the cast of a hit show.  Never really talked about or given credit but without them that show everyone loves wouldn’t exist.  It’s important for us to remember that all of our great moments and what we indeed love about our lives were built on the backs of our lowest moments. 

Im writing this a a reminder that even roses start as thorn bushes.  That the sunniest of days come after some dark and scary storms.  If you are in the middle of a low point in life or just did something dumb and wish you could forget just remember it has purpose.  You laid a brick in the future of you.  It may be seemingly small or like something you could live with but all of those bricks are you.  Even the chipped and worn ones define every nuance of you.

Go forward and smile.  Love the moment. Laugh at the storm.  Know the bright day is yet to come and, like a mad man laughing at the rain, love today.  Right now, in all it’s frustrating, annoying, wish I hadn’t made that choice way appreciate that we fall so that we can get back up.

I have faith in you and I have never met you.  So what’s your excuse?  Know that in a short time the brick will be laid and the sun will indeed shine again.




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