IMG_3151With all that has happened and continues to happen in the world today it’s important how we all react. So far the reactions are of course shock, sadness, and we must do something. May I offer a suggestion before we react again?

So far the consensus is to polarize and to make laws or strike vengeance to stop it from happening. The world now more than ever needs to stop defining and labeling. No one life matters more than another. Most violence stems from someone lost, misguided, or that never was shown what love and decency is. 

My personal thought is to stop reacting by blaming a group, an object, or lack of someone protecting us. Let’s right now today start a change in the world. Show love and compassion for all you meet. Be patient with others through your day. Know they feel and struggle like you. Let’s start a change today that can be seen and felt tomorrow. Be the drop of water in the ocean that causes a ripple across the world. Imagine if we all just started today to drop anger and expectations and showed decency to all around how different the world would be.

I know we are all scared, angry, and saddened by the events that keep unfolding daily but I promise the power to change it lies in each of us. No law or government can make it better. How you talk to others in your day can. What we teach our children of the world and who they become even more so.

My heart is with all who suffer a loss and pain. Tragedies occur everyday and in more ways than what the news shows us. Don’t react to each event as it happens. Make each day a better one than the last.

Death is an inevitably of life. Truly living life is is the challenge.




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