Many things come from our pain and the lessons we learn. It’s important to move forward with a clear heart and a solid sense of self. Our experiences, especially the bad ones, aren’t meant to hold us back. It is true at times they keep us from where we want to be, but they always take us to where we need to be. Like anyone else I wish the road was easier but I wouldn’t change the lessons and person that comes from traveling down the bumpier road. Peace always, Craig

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  1. Mindy 11 years ago

    Why couldn’t we experience a majority of excellent things and think, yeah, I’ll definitely try that again! Why must we endure pain to learn? I know that’s not exactly what your saying…I’d prefer to learn from positive successes…it just seems that there are more ‘mistakes’ to reflect on…want to say more, just don’t have the thoughts together at the moment…

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