We live in a society that for thousands of years has judged you on how you look and on “what you do for a living”. When I say what you do for a living, what I mean is what you do to make money. Most people think that money allows a certain level of freedom and abundance in their lives therefore most people look for jobs that won’t necessarily make them happy in the moment but will be the most tolerable while bringing in the most income long term from their place in society.

I want to say that I do not have the belief that money is the only way to happiness. I will also say that in my opinion, I think it is also perfectly fine to enjoy monetary abundance. The problem comes in when people start to depreciate their personal value just because they aren’t making a certain income or have certain material possession or educational requirements.

I have known nobel people who have gone through their life working towards a goal, a higher education, for that extra letter beside their name, for example Dr. or P.A. I have known both types of people who have obtained this goal. The ones who are miserable working for a living because it no longer fulfills them or people who use this power for corruption. I have also met people who thrive off this privilege to help everyone in their path for the better. I have met penniless homeless with hearts of gold, who just keep giving and people who have nothing that damn everyday and wish they were dead, just because the don’t own possessions.

 What does this have to do with you? I am trying to set a narrative here on humanity but more intensely and intentionally, I want to remind you that you are free. That more importantly, you are worthy. I want to remind you that no matter what you have, whether is it thousands or hundreds of dollars in your bank account or not a penny to your name, that your worth, is in so much more than a dollar value. That all of the greatest people in history have had one thing in common. It was hardly ever power and position or a higher education, the way that the typical societal narrative would tell you to go. The most influential people in history had one thing in common, a heart of gold, a heart that is routed in pure purpose.

That word alone, purpose, can make you shudder if you have never given yourself time to feel out what your purpose is but hang with me, I will get to that ????

There seems to be a unified field of where this type of purpose comes from and what the moral compass is that guides our heros that we know of today. One of the biggest tests known to humanity, which comes to this quote, “Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.” No one defines you but you. What defines you is your belief of the potential that you have here on this planet and your worthiness. The more worthy you feel and the more centered you stay in this humble worthiness, the more you can pull others into the same light. Because the truth is everyone is worthy.

I started thinking about this after watching the movie A Little Princess, in the movie a beautiful little girl comes from India where her father who is in the military tells her that every woman/girl no matter their status or emotional state, is a princess. In the movie her father moves her to a boarding school in New York while he is sent off to fight in the war, her father goes missing and she loses all of her fortunes. The owner of the boarding school’s only way of paying for her is by making her a servant and selling all of her possessions.

The most beautiful part of the movie is that throughout the movie whether she has riches or is in mere rags, she uses her powerful imagination to switch her perspective to make each moment magic for all of the children and because of the persistence of believing in her heart that she was a princess, she manifests beauty around everyone she knows and meets.

The more that you center yourself in that place, in balance with keeping your integrity but also touching and inspiring the heart’s of others to help becomes the most powerful combination in the universe. In this combination, comes the potential of the ability for one person’s spirit to potentiate great change. This energy within us is like the center of a toroidal field, which becomes the singularity to a great amount of energy movement. We have seen it in all different ways, through all different figures and cultures throughout history, that is what makes this such a powerful similarity. When this concept is truly integrated and understood, your specific resonance and frequency creates a new recipe for inspiration and change on the planet.

Therefore each one of us has a specific resonance and vibration to shift or change something significant on the planet. Can you imagine if for example, you stopped doing what you do today just to “make ends meet” and started doing things that fed your soul? Just being able to be in the moment, being able to travel, be with family and loved ones or be with the Earth. Imagine whatever you would like to do in the moment. Once you are “allowed” to expand to do this, then this energy potentiates and starts to inspire others to create change because we live in a fractal universe, where if one person holds an idea or vision fervently enough, that vision will become a physical situation or environment and continue to multiply. Imagine if everyone did this!

So many people on this planet feel lost because they are doing things just to make money. They have been fed to think a specific way for so many years that they have forgotten how to look within, how to feel what is the right and wrong path for themselves. The truth is the reason you feel like you don’t fit in in this world, is because you are specifically here to create a new one. It doesn’t have to be a huge stand, you can feel full just by starting to listen within more. By looking within and truly asking yourself without thinking thought like,”But if I don’t do this, this will happen.” By simply allowing yourself to ask, “ What do I want to do in this moment?” What feels pure, right and true?” What makes me feel free?”

Allow yourself to envision what it would feel like to have a life where you were happy, healthy and free to do what you would like to do in each moment. The more that you hold this vibration without attachment to a certain status or road to achieving it, the more you will embody it in this ripe, juicy, luscious moment. It will start by small shifts and start rippling to more and more freedom in your life.

Just remember, when you find your center, the key to potentiality is to keep the movement going, once you feel good try not to stand on your pedestal and look down at those who may not be experiencing the joy of the moment. Remember to always reach your hand to help another see the light! The more people you empower and enliven on the planet, the more that we will all return to the singularity of true freedom and joy.

Thank you so much for your attention and awareness.

I am SO grateful for you, afterall you and I, we are one <3

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