Ever wonder what happens in people’s lives where time seems to stop for a second: an unforgettable and life-changing experience? We will explain to you what actually happened in that moment…


At some points in our lives we all have been enchanted by something or someone. In a moment of complete awe we experience a timelessness that is beyond words. Hard to describe but breathtaking and unforgettable.

It can happen in a moment when we watch a movie and it suddenly all makes a sense. Or when we look someone in the eye and time seems to stop for a moment. Or you are perplexed by the intricacy and marvel of a piece of art. Or suddenly you feel a great sense of one-ness when walking in nature.

When that happens, you are in a different state of consciousness. Read about these 7 amazing experiences in the moment of spiritual awakening:

  1. Identification stops: you realise that shapes are just shapes, there is something underneath the shape that is of a more essential nature than what appears to be.
  2. Time stops: everything you thought that was and will be disappears. You don’t see the present trough the eyes of the past or the future anymore.
  3. The Ego disappears: no more stories of hurt and trauma that warp your perception.
  4. Here and now: only the present moment is what is real for us. Life is completely impregnated with Consciousness and the miracle of life is witnessed with joy and awe.
  5. Forms and shapes dissolve: we don’t have to act upon the apparent but can make choices that reflect a deeper understanding of what is happening, beyond form, beyond appearance. Peace and tranquility prevail.
  6. Pure existence: we witness through our being, we don’t have to make choices. What is, is and we let it be in all its splendour. We see how shapes morph into other shapes, the never-ending dance of change.
  7. Perfection: without pressure we surrender into what is, a complete accepting, no need to change anything because we can see how utterly perfect life is.

If you experience these phenomena more and more, it might just be you are stepping into a new dimension of existence, you are climbing the spiritual ladder but not just a peak-experience, no your whole being is shifting into something new. Something beyond good and bad, without judgements, the differences that seem to be are all superficial. Experiencing this unity will bring us closer to Truth, together and more in harmony with what is. We will call this the ecstacy of Life!