The Changing Face of Accelerating Change


In a universe of constant change, change is the only constant. And yet because of the density and inertia of the physical 3D World society has built, it’s easy to be lulled into the status quo: that we can expect everything to be more or less like it was yesterday. This just builds complacency, laziness and fixed conditioned behaviourisms.

What if, though, you could recognise the underlying shift of energy taking place, harness this ‘River of Life’, and have it inspire and invigorate an entirely new way of being? As the old paradigm crumbles and declines, what if you could positively thrive through it and come alive? Here are 3 simple strategies for you to do that…

Breaking through the dam in the River of Life

Society has built an incredible polarity of injustice and inequity on the planet: have and have-not, profit and loss, winner and loser. Ultimately it’s unsustainable because the entirety of the universe is working toward balanced harmony — nirvana.

It’s like society has built a dam in the River of Life, behind which, more and more water is now building. It’s inevitable that the old reality will breakdown and a new harmony emerge from the debris.

The question is, how can you embrace and thrive through this shift?

Trust builds through all the little things

Generally, it is to recognise that although everything may appear dense and separate, in fact it’s interconnected through consciousness. So this River of Life is flowing through all events and circumstances you encounter, even though there’s still plenty making choices that cut across the flow. It may be that in your chosen way of living, in a more consciousness and equitable approach, it’s quite hard right now because the old world system still owns most of the resources. Nevertheless, more and more people are seeking out more conscious ways of doing things — so this increases the general flow through your life, in which you can progressively build trust.

It begins in all the little choices that you make – asking the universe “show me!” then following the inner guidance, and watching the feedback and synchronicities that then take place. Thus over time, trust in the universe grows, and you begin to believe more — see more — that your actions will be supported.

Energy follows True Belief

The crucial thing is that energy — the flow of consciousness — follows true belief: if you expect miracles and magic, that’s what you’ll get.

However that can’t just come from the mind — you can’t just put belief on like a hat and coat. True belief grows because you work to recognise the authentic underlying flow, and progressively surrender into it.

So expect change, because everything is indeed changing, even though the majority are resistant. Expect transformation into a more positive and invigorated way of being, because as you let go of conditioning, the vibrancy of the soul breaks through and connects up with the underlying flow. Thus we appreciate life in a more bountiful and enjoyable way.

Three simple strategies for harnessing the Power of Change

In this Openhand video, we consider three simple approaches to daily life, that can really enhance the flow through it, embracing change as an engine for vibrant spiritual growth. It offers a way to thrive through the transformational times confronting us…


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