I find this quote to be so telling of where we need to look to find our purpose and happiness in our lives.  We strive and achieve many great things as individuals and as a species combined but to what end.  When you achieve some aspiration you set long ago or get that raise you were hoping for do you ever say “I’m good, I don’t need anything else”?  We are made with a purpose to strive and achieve.  To weather adversity to achieve some goal in our minds eye that we must conquer.  It becomes so strong and present it becomes why we breathe. But as this beautiful quote sums up so perfectly those goals just lead to another loftier goal.  No different than a cat chasing it’s tail, we will set one after another hoping to one day catch that very tail.

I’m here to tell you that day for catching the tail of a physical goal won’t deliver what you feel it will.  Goals are great.  Challenging and pushing ourselves is important and admirable.  The real journey and goal though you should keep in your minds eye the whole time is finding you.  Have you truly met yourself?  No not the person you see in the mirror.  Not the the words your friends use when they describe you to someone.  Have you met the person you WANT to be?  The one who’s goal is to live, laugh, love, and help others?

See the great journey we are on from birth till death is to lose fear and truly live.  To do that we have to be comfortable in a room with ourselves with no distractions.  Turn off the TV and the music and sit with you.  Be mindful of the moment you are in, and each breath you take.  Talk to yourself, ok maybe not out loud but if nobody is around why not, and ask are you happy.  Ask yourself what you want and have always wanted since you were a child.  If money or peoples opinions didn’t matter what would you be doing with your time here.  Remember money matters because things matter.  If you live for experiences more than objects you’ll find you have much less need for money.  Change that and you will truly control what you want.  Not so easy at first is it?  No great journeys are ever easy.  I can promise that the journey to find the REAL you is the greatest one you’ll take.  It will unlock a new brighter version of the world you once existed in.  Food tastes better.  Peoples words and actions no longer define your day and mood.  You will be the captain and crew of your greatest adventure and nothing can taint or stop that great journey.

I write this in hopes you’ll start making some time.  Stop defining who you are by your job, wife, kids, house, and car.  They exist and they do add to our physical life but I can assure you there is a greater journey where if you live in a cardboard box alone or a mansion with everything you want, the you that is there will be the truest and purest form of what life is meant to be.




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