It is without doubt hard to make our way through this world. It seems doubly hard to do it alone. We see the pain and void of loneliness as something we must set out to fill and rectify. There must be another person that understands us and how we feel. They will complete us and make us happy and fill in the missing pieces of our happiness. Nothing can be further from the truth.

While it is true we can share and feel happiness with others and sometimes even meet someone that understands us and our feelings it is no substitute for what we should seek as a priority.

We must find and love our self first. Then as we connect our self to the spiritual higher power we will fill in all the voids we feel and find a happiness that requires nothing else to maintain it. This is the order of our love.

Only then when we don’t need another person to make us happy but share it can we truly have a powerful awareness with another. We must not let our ego stand in the way of our existence and it’s purpose. Our ego and spiritual being must coexist. They need each other to be in the world we exist, but neither can be the soul master of it.

As you interact with the world and people in it be sure not to grab and hold too tight to a feeling or even run from them. Experience them. Know they will end and be ok with that from the start. Then just revel in the fact that you had them. That a special moment has occurred even if it’s a bad one or only lasts a brief moment.

We are all here to learn, experience, grow, and to feel. Never turn or hide from what is your purpose. Each day we step into a new realm of being.

As I write this I feel a connection to you the reader. Someone I have never and may never meet. You have shared in this moment and even now I feel that connection. Thank you for being. Namaste


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  1. Shui 12 years ago

    Thus it is in the gloaming you solitairely take your ease. Are you truly happy…in the darkest hours of the night, moonlight shining, does your peace and happiness also glow? How much more gentle your repose when enveloped in a soft embrace, loves breathe whispering into your dreams, soothing your soulful heart as her touch flits across your skin? Is such just an expendable accessory or is it a true definition of all that you can become? How can your existence burn life if there is no fire? Yes the fire is within us but even fire is not self sustaining….

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