I recently went to a high school basketball game and during the intro of the players, after the national anthem, a cheerleader just dropped to the floor. They were out mid court cheering the players on and seemed to have no worries and be having fun. It took a minute before anyone even realized something was wrong. She was laying face down and you just knew something was seriously wrong. She turned blue and a couple of nurses did cpr right there on the floor in front of everyone.  The medics came and she still was not able to breathe on her own. While that was happening I felt her leave and come back. It was a surreal experience and in that crowded and eerily silent gym you could feel everyones shock, concern, and thoughts. As of right now she is still in a coma and her future is uncertain.

Seeing something like this happen, especially to someone so young, has a profound impact on a person. This story is sad and also reminds us that in any instance our time here could be done. Memento Mori means remember death, and we must at all times be aware that our time here is limited. We spend our lives trying to escape death and we live each day like we will go on forever. It’s the one thing we can’t avoid or change. We don’t follow our heart and dreams. We go thru our lives in a routine to make money and have nice things. None of it is really why we are here and what is important. We need to learn and grow. Feel love and pain. Make each day count. Follow your dreams. Be happy. At any moment we or someone we love could be gone. Love an appreciate them and each day like its the only one you have and you will never leave this world wishing for more or having regrets. Be you, be bold, be loving, be unique, and be the best you can be.

I’ve had a good life and done some amazing things. I have known many wonderful and unique people that have enhanced my life. I am now at the point if it ended tomorrow I could say I had a good run. I have loved, felt pain, seen the good and bad of the world and come to realize good and bad is simply a point of view. I can look back and see the threads of my life and how each choice mattered and lead me right where I am. I see purpose in my existence and that of others. So each day I have now I know is a gift and I will try and appreciate and love each one that way.

I hope you find your passion and purpose in life. Be sure to live each day and tell those around you that you love them each day. Don’t take time and tomorrow for granted as it’s never guaranteed.




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