I have no doubts that we’ve all felt love for our family, friends, and children but have you felt love for everyone else? Do you feel love for yourself? How about the person at Starbucks that made your coffee? Or the person at the grocery store that seemed be in a bad mood and it upset you?

First and foremost in this world we have to love ourselves. We have to not only be okay with who we are but embrace and love who we are. Love what we aren’t and we will be. After were able to do that then we can learn to love everyone in the world. It’s important to see everyone is being the same as you. They have good days and bad days. They want to love and be loved. I came across this fantastic writing that I wanted to share with you and in it he talks about this very thing.

I hope after reading it you’ll go out and try being the love you want to see and feel. Show that complete stranger kindness. The person who seems to not have time for you make the time to smile at them. As Gandhi said “be the change you want to see in the world”.




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